Background Checks $100-$5000/Employee?


    The 4/17/06 issue of Forbes has several interesting articles related to outsourcing/offshoring:

    1) Kerry Dolan’s article, "Offshoring the Offshorers"
    The tickler says it all: "Never mind India. For outsourcing, China, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Brazil, and Mauritius are open for business."

    (Of course, Sourcingmag’s editor, Dian Schaffhauser, may suggest adding Mayalysia to the list after hearing that country’s Prime Minister speak today in Austin, TX.)

    2) Regarding China, however, Russell Flannery’s article in the same issue, "Get Me Personnel," states, among other things, that "the cost to check out a potential or past hire can range from $100 to $5,000, more than in the U.S., where criminal, legal, and credit databases are more easily checked."

    3) Finally, another interesting article, "Chips and Biryani,"describes how Cadence Design Systems is building its business by "arming the offshorers" of India.