MarquisNet Offers Disaster Recovery Outsourcing Services, Including Staffing


MarquisNet announced its outsource service bureau recovery service offering. Clients for collocation and various disaster recovery services now are able to rely on MarquisNet’s team to substitute for employees in the event of a disaster.

“If one of our clients experiences a man-made or natural business disruption, MarquisNet steps-in to continue doing business as usual,” said Glenn McKay, COO of MarquisNet. “What we offer is true business peace of mind. Regardless of what happens to a company’s facility, with redundant, safeguarded data at MarquisNet, along with skilled customer service representatives and computer technicians, MarquisNet is able to assist clients in providing uninterrupted customer service.”

MarquisNet is located in Las Vegas, away from natural disasters often experienced on the U.S. coasts. MarquisNet delivers a customizable redundant data center infrastructure for organizations with Homeland Security requirements.

MarquisNet is online at