Offshore and Nearshore Salaries


    Services advisory firm NeoIT just released its latest "Offshore and Nearshore ITO and BPO Salary Report." If you have a role in global services, don’t delay. Download and read this 23-page document. It will quickly add depth to your understanding of the labor arbitrage issue in sourcing situations.

    The data derives from surveys among service providers in 20 locations around the world, then was supplemented with interviews and other research.

    The categories of salary information cut in several ways. First, NeoIT examines salaries at three levels of experience: entry level (up to two years of relevant work), team lead (three to six years of relevant work) and project manager (seven to 10 years of relevant work). Then the authors dice that by three categories: ITO (application development and maintenance, systems integration, etc.), voice-based BPO (call centers, customer support, sales, etc.) and non-voice BPO (HR, finance & accounting, etc.) Those details are served up country by country, then compared to US and UK wages.

    Finally, the report examines salary trends and what affects them — influences such as country inflation, rate exchange, broad-based growth and the like. It concludes with some predictions about where each country will be by 2010. For example, Vietnam will show the greatest difference among the 20 countries in average salary compared to the US by 2010. Ireland and Canada will show the least difference, though they’ll still have lower salary ranges than in the US.

    You can’t beat the price of this research. It’s free.

    Download it here.


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