Nearshore Destination Nicaragua


    Customer Relationship Management magazine explores Nicaragua as a nearshore destination in its July 2006 issue. The article profiles two companies doing Spanish/English call center work from the Latin America country.

    Staff at Almori SA, owned by a healthcare management firm, handle between 60,000 and 70,000 calls a month, 70% outbound — as back office operations for a San Antonio pharmacy chain.

    Press Two (as in "press two for Spanish") hopes to become the "premier Spanish-speaking provider of BPO services to the customer," according to the article. Funded by a major Nicaraguan conglomerate and a Danish technology supplier, the new operation will have about a thousand seats when it opens.

    If Spanish language customer service is part of your outsourcing challenge, this would be a worthwhile read. It lays out where Nicaragua is now in terms of major players and where it could be given the nudge from the appropriate client organizations.


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