About Blogger: Zinnov


    Zinnov is an offshore research and consulting company with offices in the United States and India. We started Zinnov with a mission to be the premier provider of consulting services for global information technology initiatives. We help our clients to reduce the time, money and risks involved in offshore initiatives and help them maximize the benefits.

    The recent trends in the global IT market and the proliferation of offshore vendor alliances/partnerships/own set ups have created a substantial need for various consulting solutions and support services related to offshore software product development, product testing, product maintenance, back office integration, and contact center operations.

    We offer customized solutions depending on the stage of our client’s offshore initiative. Our solutions include offshore strategy, offshore setup (vendor partnerships/captive centers) and assessment of existing setups.

    We are a research oriented company and have completed thorough research in all dimensions of offshore initiatives. We consistently update our study results with the latest findings of our ongoing research. We periodically publish research papers and white papers to provide solutions to our clients’ offshore needs and to educate our potential customers.

    To quickly identify offshore vendors who meet our clients’ criteria, we have evaluated more than 200 IT services companies in India and Russia. From this set, we have identified and selected a small set of IT vendors of varying sizes and capabilities in various technical domains, to be part of our Zinnov Vendor Network (ZVN). We maintain a non-financial relationship with the vendor companies to be objective towards our clients needs.

    We have also developed an "Offshore Solution Toolbox" that includes best practices and methodology driven solutions for various models of offshore initiatives. Our research wing constantly updates the toolbox with the latest solutions for various offshore trends and issues. This enables us to quickly identify and share the industry best practices with our clients.

    With offices strategically located in Silicon Valley and Houston in the United States and Bangalore in India, we are able to interact closely with our clients and at the same time provide solutions based on the ground realities in India.

    To contact our Silicon Valley team about anything we’ve posted on this blog, email [email protected].