Cyberabad – The BPO capital of the World


    Hyderabad claims to be the "bpo" capital of India – and I had an opportunity last week to visit the city (after 15+ years). Every city has its own unique character and growth pattern – and to the extent I could tell from a single visit – Hyderabad has the feel of a city determined to become modern. Malls and stores with most brands I know (and some – I guess from Europe that I don’t) were represented on the main road to the city from the airport. Also, unlike many of the cities where the infrastructure has not at all kept up with the growth, it did seem there were several road expansion projects underway, flyovers being built, and new "hi-tech" centers away from the "old" city being developed.

    Several MNCs (multi-nationals) have set up services centers in and around Hyderabad, one senior executive (at an MNC) who originates from New Delhi remarked "I like it better here".

    Overall – I was impressed – perhaps Hyderabad is indeed ready to become "Cyberabad – The BPO capital of the World’ as one sign claimed.