Measuring team and individual performance for business processes


    I came across this at a financial services captive center recently – and this could easily be a challenge for any BPO or shared-services entity. The scenario was as follows – work is submitted online in an operational system, and eventually is queued for processing by global delivery teams.

    The catch is that the unit of work that is submitted (such as a simple change-of-address transaction) could easily involve multiple sub-units of work (such as updating each account in different systems with the change-of-address). Also, based on the type of work submitted, the typical number of sub-units of work, and the average time to process the work may be different.

    The challenge then becomes – how does one compare the performance of individuals in a team, or teams in different delivery centers?

    The two key metrics of productivity and accuracy have to be adjusted for the different types of work-units (and their sub-units) making it non-trivial to derive the overall scorecard rating of individuals and teams. Software solutions can go a long way towards automating this process – provided of course, there is clarity on the relative weightages of the productivity and accuracy metrics.



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