Take Your Complaints to the Top


    Rick Saia has uncovered some interesting points in a recent survey Aberdeen did on the top of "The Business Value of IT Outsourcing."

    Companies identified as best in class tend to "have a higher willingness to escalate problems with an outsourcing provider to its senior executives, as well as to create an internal cross-functional group to manage the provider." They also are more likely to turn to outside advisors for input on their outsourcing plans.

    What’s a best-in-class company? Aberdeen identifies them as companies that saved at least 21% through IT outsourcing — vs. the average of 15%. Laggards, writes Saia, "either lost money or saved no more than 5%."

    You can download the report here for the price of a quick registration.

    My suggestion is this: If you believe you’re in a laggard or "average" firm in terms of its outsourcing prowess, turn to chapter 4, "Recommendations for Action." It’ll give you specific areas to focus on in your effort to turn your organization into best in class.


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