It’s about the People in the Process, Stupid!


    Rashid Khan writes a very interesting article entitled – It’s all about the People in the Process, Stupid! In it he argues that business processes vary from very system or computer-centric to very people centric and approaches should vary depending upon where your process falls!

    How True!

    On a similar note, I have seen many system-centric metrics being applied to people-centric processes! A collections process is probably more people-centric than a phone company call center that processes new orders for phone lines, for example!

    Metrics and measurement, even for people-centric processes hardly ever includes Employee Satisfaction as one of the key measures! A happy employee may be more successful than an unhappy employee, especially when it comes to people-centric processes.

    Efficiency Measures, Effectiveness Measures and even Staff related measures take a very mechanistic view of metrics and measurement but may miss the boat completely when it comes to people-centric processes!

    Something to think about!

    Companies that manage people right will outperform companies
    that don’t by 30% to 40% – Jeffrey Pfeffer


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