Outsourcing Donut-Making?!


    According to this Boston Herald item, Dunkin’ Donuts may outsource the creation of its donuts. Say it ain’t so!

    I still remember the joy I felt in 2001 when heading to Boston from the West coast and seeing the big peach and pink colored signs seemingly everywhere I looked.

    The article explains that the company is looking to expand outside its eastern seaboard "stronghold." If they didn’t need a space large enough for donut creation, figures the company, maybe more franchisees would come on board.

    So who will make the donuts? That’s what I want to know. Apparently, they’ll be supplied by other DDs that already have the facilities; or possibly franchisees in an area would band together and set up a kitchen offsite somewhere. Deliveries would take place twice a day. That’s good enough for me!

    So it’s not really outsourcing that Dunkin’ Donuts is considering. It’s more a shared services scenario.

    And, by the way, have you ever been to the Dunkin’ Donuts Web site? Where the heck are the pictures of the donuts?! Is the company embarrassed or something? Get with it, DD. Gimme a sexy shot of one of those Boston Creme thingies. I miss ’em here in California!


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