India Holidays for 2007


    Now that the holidays have ended (what a pity!), it’s time to get this year’s set of holidays onto my calendar. Knowing when holidays are happening in a given country can give you an edge in your offshoring work. Not only can you schedule around festivals and other activities happening in the countries where your work is being done, but holidays that differ from your own are a great topic for virtual water cooler chitchat.

    In today’s posting, I provide holidays for India. Next week, I’ll post holidays for the Philippines as well as the United States. If you have a holiday roster for your own country, send it to me and I’ll put together a blog entry about that too. You can reach me at editor (at)

     1/1/2007  Monday  New Year’s Day  
     1/1/2007  Monday  Id’ Ul-Zuha  Festival Holiday
     1/14/2007  Sunday  Makra Sankaranti  Festival Holiday
     26-Jan-07  Friday  Republic Day  National Holiday
     30-Jan-07  Tuesday  Muharram (Islamic New Year)  Festival Holiday
     3-Mar-07  Saturday  Holi  Festival Holiday
     27-Mar-07  Tuesday  Sri Rama Navami (birthday of Sri Rama)
     Festival Holiday
     31-Mar-07  Saturday  Mahavir Jayanthi  Festival Holiday
     1-Apr-07  Sunday  Milad-Un-Nabi (Birth of the Prophet)  Festival Holiday
     6-Apr-07  Friday  Good Friday  Festival Holiday
     14-Apr-07  Saturday  Baisakhi, Vaisakhi  Festival Holiday
     1-May-07  Tuesday  Labor Day  National Holiday
     2-May-07  Wednesday  Buddha Purnima  Festival Holiday
     15-Aug-07  Wednesday  Independence Day  National Holiday
     4-Sep-07  Tuesday  Janmashtami  Festival Holiday
     15-Sep-07  Saturday  Ganesha Chaturthi/Vinayaka Chaturthi  Festival Holiday
     2-Oct-07  Tuesday  Mahatma Gandhi’s Birthday

     National Holiday/Festival Holiday

     14-Oct-07  Sunday  Id-Ul-Fitr (End of Ramadan)  Festival Holiday
     21-Oct-07  Sunday  Dussehra (Vijay Dashami)  Festival Holiday
     1-Nov-07  Thursday  Rajyotsava Day  State Holiday
     9-Nov-07  Wednesday  Deepavali/Diwali  National Holiday
     26-Nov-07  Monday  Guru Nank’s Birthday  Festival Holiday
     21-Dec-07  Friday  Idu’l Zuha  Festival Holiday
     25-Dec-07  Tuesday  Christmas  Festival Holiday


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