Outsourcing: Will it be affected by Democrats Win?


    The Democrats have won in the recent US elections. Is this a cause for worry for the Indian IT enabled services (ITES) industry? In the run up to the US Presidential elections in 2004, there was a lot of anti-outsourcing slogans doing the rounds. The Democrats did also bring about certain legislation against outsourcing of federal work.

    The Indian ITES industry seems unruffled at the turn of events, and they have good reasons to be so. They feel that India has established itself as a major outsourcing hub; cost and economic benefits would be a priority over political changes. Experts say that earlier legislation by the Democrats were the outcome of the employment situation at that time.

    Though there would be a renewed debate on the issue in Congress and the topic would be a much discussed one, nothing is expected to be tabled. The Indian ITES industry is also expected to gear up with some hectic lobbying on Capitol Hill.


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