Outsourcing from the perspective of the outsourced!


    If The Goal was a novelistic story about manufacturing and its travails, Thriving In The Flat World is a perspective on outsourcing from the outsourced! Business expert Andy Sharma, in his book, talks about job loss, career transformation and ways to deal with a changing industry landscape that is sweeping across the IT sector today. Mr. Sharma’s take is that outsourcing is not necessarily bad, and can present new opportunities to employees and lead to new job satisfaction.The book chronicles the fall and rise of a man’s career trajectory after being affected by outsourcing.

    Side Note:  Interestingly, this book, which is available for sale on Amazon.com and Borders.com, is published by BookSurge – a self-publishing and print-on-demand services company. A firm that I had contemplated using a couple of years ago. And why didn’t I use them? Coz I just didn’t complete my book. 🙂

    — Vomo


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