The Next 10 India Cities for IT


    As a follow-on to Nari’s posting yesterday, I wanted to note that Alsbridge has just released a chart that summarizes, "The Next Top 10 Indian Cities for IT." Here’s the list:

    • Kolkota

    • Hyderabad

    • Chennai

    • Ahmedabad

    • Pune

    • Nagpur

    • Kochi

    • Vishakhapatnam

    • Mangalore

    • Thiruvananthapuram

    The criteria include population, accessibility by air, educational facilities, companies that already have operations in the area, hotels that are available and other unique characteristics, such as high-tech zones in planning.

    Unfortunately, the chart wasn’t designed to print out on a normal American 8.5×11 piece of paper. (Go landscape mode, but even then you’ll lop off half of the comments column…) But you can read it online easily enough.


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