Use a More Rigorous Approach in Your Process Management Initiative with Oriel\’s New Methodology


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Use a More Rigorous Approach in Your Process Management Initiative with Oriel\’s New Methodology

In order for organizations to excel, they must not only improve their processes but also sustain and leverage gains. It is imperative that executives and managers look beyond process improvement projects and understand how to master the control of processes.

The Oriel Process Management methodology consists of tools that allow organizations to strategically manage their business over time. A process management system lays the foundation and architecture not only for identifying the critical areas of an organization that need to be improved, but also for managing and sustaining the improvements in a systematic way.

By effectively managing cross-functional processes, you ensure a consistent level of service for customers while enabling your organization to decrease costs, reduce cycle times, and increase satisfaction.

The Oriel Incorporated Process Management Model is a five-stage approach to:

  • Design the Process Management System.
  • Operate and use the system to analyze process performance.
  • Improve the processes where necessary using Lean, DMAIC, and DMADV methods.
  • Sustain process improvements with effective communication tools.
  • Adopt the process through the usage of change management techniques.

Oriel Incorporated Process Management Model

Unlike many other process management methodologies, the Oriel approach uses a four-step &quotwheel&quot without a specific beginning or end. This technique ensures continual organizational improvement, either incrementally through real-time process improvements, or more substantially through the implementation of Lean Six Sigma and other process improvement programs.

Our Process Management implementation methodology and training materials address the first two stages of the Process Management Model (Design and Operate). The other stages are addressed by Oriel’s Lean Six Sigma and Teams offerings.

Designing the Process Management System involves five activities working in concert.

  • Documentation: Document key processes.
  • Organization: Create organizational roles.
  • Technology: Implement enabling technologies.
  • Requirements: Establish performance requirements.
  • Measurements: Develop measurement system.
Operating the Process Management System examines how to use the system to monitor and analyze your processes using dashboards and process analysis tools while identifying critical areas that are candidates for improvement.

In conjunction with Oriel’s Six Sigma offerings, our Process Management methodology gives you an end-to-end set of tools to achieve business excellence. A customized toolkit is included to guide you step-by-step as you design and implement your Process Management System.

Oriel Incorporated offers consulting and training services to help organizations develop, implement, and sustain the methodologies needed to improve organizational performance.

Our expertise includes process management, Six Sigma, Lean, Lean Six Sigma, process and product design, process improvement, and problem solving. Oriel publishes several well-known books including The Team Handbook Third Edition, which has sold more than one million copies.

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