Free vendor selection application


    Outsourcing Mentor has just released a new free application that can assist in the vendor selection process. This application poses a series of questions in 4 main pillars of vendor selection.


    ·         Quality – How much does quality matter when thinking about outsourcing

    ·         Risk – Does managing risk play a large part in choosing a vendor

    ·         Strategy – Is your decision to outsource a strategic one within your organisation

    ·         Cost – How important is cost when choosing an outsource vendor


    After the application is downloaded and installed it walks you through the questions and produces a relationship chart. This can then be used to weigh the relative importance of these 4 pillars and provide input in your choice of a category of vendors.


    There are many thousands of vendors based all over the world who are interested in your business. Identifying some key objectives can help you narrow the list down to a more manageable section of the vendor community. This can be used to produce the initial list of vendors before you move into generating the short list.


    To get the free application, click this link