Call centre screening software, (next step marriage guidance)


    Apparently a Sapporo based company, Digital Technologies Corp, has developed a software that can analyse the mood of callers phoning into call centres.

    According to a report on, the software can establish whether the person on the other side of the line is sober, slightly outraged, or simply barking mad
    It bases its analysis on biometrics and divides the results into whether a caller is happy or displeased, on a scale of one to seven. The report doesn’t relate whether if things go to the top end of the scale, whether the call centre will put them on hold indefinitely and refuse to engage with them any more on human rights grounds, or assign them to an anger management course. (Sponsored by the Call Centre of course)
    Lets look at this from a broader application, and first up.. could it be scaled up to avert those occasional domestic ‘disagreements’ caused when our wife or girlfriends claim that men are empathy black holes when trying to gauge their all to frequent mood swings…?


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