About Blogger: Ravi Datar


    Ravindra Datar (Ravi) has over 15 years of Industry Research, Consulting and Strategic Marketing experience.

    His experience spans:

    2 years at Indian Market Research Bureau as a Consultant in their Business & Industrial Research & Advisory Division, that catered to the advisory requirements of the B2B market place. As a consultant, Ravi managed all stages of research-based advisory services from primary research surveys, secondary research (in the pre-internet days), analysis and advisory to the clients across industries as diverse as construction, steel, fine chemicals, packaging, furniture, State Government/s, shipyards, heavy vehicles (earth movers) manufacturers, food products manufacturers and automobile companies.

    8 years at Gartner Inc, starting as a research analyst in 1998 and growing very rapidly to Principal Analyst in 2001, winning many global research awards at Gartner on the way, covering research agendas as diverse as the domestic printer market, domestic IT services market, IT Services Offshore services (exports) from India and BPO markets and delivery locations across the Asia/Pacific region, all simultaneously. In 2001, Ravi set up Gartner’s Asia Pacific BPO research coverage across 11 countries from scratch. He continued running all these programs simultaneously till 2005, when he moved on to Patni Computer Systems Limited.

    5 years at Patni Computer Systems limited where he joined as Senior Manager – Corporate Marketing, focused on setting up strategic marketing initiatives. At Patni, he set up and grew the Analyst Relations function and grew it into a larger Industry Influencer Relations Function covering industry analysts, advisors, provider industry associations and buyer industry associations. Patni got featured in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Offshore IT Services in the strong challengers quadrant consistently for 4 years in a row and also got featured in some other Gartner reports on the way. At Patni, Ravi also set up the Strategic Research Group that was instrumental in proactively feeding significant market intelligence to business units and corporate leadership, triggering various strategic market initiatives like a special program targeting the US recession, an initiative to build, package and take to market a new set of offerings around Cloud Computing, etc. Ravi was also directly involved in setting up the Strategic Outsourcing Group that rose above business unit silos to address lareg deals opportunities with integrated solutions blending various business unit competencies into solutions that delivered direct business benefits to clients. Ravi moved on from Patni as Associate Vice President – Strategic Marketing Initiatives, in 2010.

    At present, as Head – Global Marketing, Ravi is in the process of setting up the global marketing fucntion at Datamatics Global Services Limited, a global Provider of business-aligned "Smart Solutions", integrating depth & breadth of domain, technology & process expertise, with a global track record of excellence.