Top 6 Steps to Secure IT Outsourcing


Are you cautious about IT outsourcing because of the widespread security concerns; hacking, data leakages? Well, don’t be! Technological advancement is now coming up with tools and techniques that will provide solutions to such problems.

Make sure you plan ahead of the IT outsourcing process. This involves choosing the right vendor whom you are willing to work with to meet your expectations. A good security policy is mandatory. You also need to come up with a plan of monitoring and controlling data housed at the outsourcing vendor.

If poorly planned, IT outsourcing may not be as successful. Be cautious not to expose your organisation to deadly risks. Here are a few steps to secure IT outsourcing.

Create a good security policy

Before outsourcing, it is advisable to put your house in order. Ensure your organisation has a functional security policy.

Your security policy should be sound and rational. It is important to ensure it includes a data classification that has the capacity to differentiate between common and sensitive data.

Lastly, the security policy should clearly indicate standards and procedures. All these procedures should be decided on by the stakeholders, managers and employees of the company.

Choose the ideal outsourcing vendor

Not all vendors will deliver to your expectations. Picking the right one is a crucial step when outsourcing.

Security is a serious concern. You need a vendor who insists on a strict security policy. In fact, it is advisable to find out if the one you chose to work with considers security a rule in his business.

An ideal outsourcing vendor must also come up with rules protecting your data from being copied or transferred to portable devices. Choose wisely.

Know what you are outsourcing

Don’t test waters, get ready before diving in. Really, the significance of assessing your business before outsourcing operations can never be overlooked.

Before outsourcing, you first need to asses all your organisation policies as well as the controls after which you can decide the level of risk management required to support the entire process. Is it self sufficient? Are the risks too much?

While the decision lies with you, remember that in the event of poor strategy, your organisation will have to account for the losses and deal with a bad reputation.

Protect your data

Now that you are thinking about outsourcing, have you thought of ways through which you can secure your data? There are several ways ranging from use of data monitoring gateways to application layer fire walls.

Data protection devices will allow you put into effect key usage policies. In addition, these tools will help prevent exploitation of vulnerable customers. There will be no cases of privilege abuse either.
Finally, carrying out a review on the access control procedures and technologies in place will ensure only approved access to information and systems. Protect your data by choosing the right vendor.

Carry out database and network security audits

Be on the watch! Detect potential flaws in your IT outsourcing before it is too late. It is possible, why wait for the going to get tough?

Audits will help you point out issues and possible vulnerabilities in the records and devices on the network.

Conducting time to time network and database security audits puts you in the know ensuring your outsourcing is secure.

Educate your team on handling data

The way you handle data greatly influences the success of your IT outsourcing.  It’s the vendor’s responsibility to educate his/her team on how to handle and protect sensitive information.

Whether the vendor performs his duty of educating his employees or fails to depends on how closely you monitor these activities.

If your vendor does not provide education, they are exposing your databases to potential security risks. Proper handling of data is useful in outsourcing.

Steps to secure IT outsourcing

  • Protect your data
  • Know what you are outsourcing
  • Choose the perfect Vendor
  • Create a good security policy
  • Carry out database and network security audits
  • Educate your team on data handling

Outsource without exposing your business to deadly risks!


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