The Outsourcing Agreement and Balance: Preparing for Success or the Consequences...

The following article is an excerpt or derived from Selling Outsourcing Services by Grant Lange. Preparing for the consequences of failure is not the best...

Overview of Key BPO Outsourcing Trends Affecting the Industry

Technology improvements will have a significant impact on the BPO industry. This article discusses the latest outsourcing trends affecting the BPO industry.

Useful Benefits of Outsourcing IT Infrastructure of your Firm

The useful advantages and benefits of Software-as-a-Service solutions have led to increased interest in Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions. The conventional approach required firms, irrespective of its size, to invest in basic IT infrastructure, which could then be supplemented with SaaS contracts.

Offshoring to India: A Case Study about Ketera Technologies

The author shares the details that enabled his company -- Ketera Technologies -- to succeed with its offshoring efforts. The article includes a downloadable spreadsheet matrix for city selection.

Leveraging Cloud For Electronic Payments Management

Gartner defines Cloud Computing as “A style of computing where scalable and elastic IT-enabled capabilities are delivered as a service to customers using Internet...

Demystifying Cloud Computing

Open any respectable publication or market report today and you cannot escape the mention of “Cloud Computing” (See you got it here too !)....

Prominent Global Sourcing Attorney Joins MMM

Prominent Global Sourcing Attorney Joins MMM

About Blogger: Ravi Datar

Ravindra Datar (Ravi) has over 15 years of Industry Research, Consulting and Strategic Marketing experience. His experience spans: 2 years at Indian Market Research Bureau...

Finding and Hiring Great Global Managers

This article shares research to develop a blueprint for recruiting and developing global managers, a requirement in any organization that hopes to succeed as a multinational enterprise.

Outlier Instances and KPIs Measurement

I was reading an article about how measuring Average Handle Time (AHT) in a Financial Services company, did not allow a very eager Financial Services...