The Romanian IT Market


Interested in learning more about the Romanian IT industry? That\’s a country that IBM, HP, Microsoft, Oracle, Xerox, Siemens, Motorola and SAP all do business in — particularly for software development. This PowerPoint presentation made by Mr. Calin Sandovici of ANIS, the National Association of Software and Services Industry,” will give you plenty of market data.

According to the slides, the top 25 Romanian software and services companies ranked by revenue (in thousnads) are:

  • Compaq Romania, $12,955
  • Romsys SA, $12,680
  • IBM Romania SRL, $10,534
  • Forte Company SRL, $8,051
  • IIRUC SA, $4,532
  • Siveco Romania SA, $3,909
  • Microsoft Romania SRL, $3,054
  • Genesys Software Romania SRL, $3,054
  • SAP Romania SRL, $2,689
  • Softwin SRL, $2,571
  • Kepler Prodimpex SA, $2,523
  • UBI Soft SRL, $2,334
  • Printec Group Romania SRL, $1,964
  • HP Romania SRL, $1,805
  • Finsiel Romania SRL, $1,753
  • Deuromedia SRL, $1,630
  • Provision Software Division, $1,612
  • Wizrom Software SRL, $1,567
  • Gecad Software SRL, $1,560
  • ITC SA, $1,476
  • Romanian Data Soft SRL, $1,430
  • IPACRI Romania SRL, $1,257
  • Total Soft SA, $1,185

Net salaries run from $300 to $1,500/month — though I believe these are overall salaries, not strictly technical. The slides acknowledge the problem with software piracy, but the speaker points out that an IP and copyright law was enacted in 1997 and is enforced.

This blog, “Outsourcing to Romania,” also adds gems of wisdom to the topic. Blogger Adrian Pintilie started it this summer, “as a resource for those who want to develop ICT offshore outsourcing activities to Romania.”