The Top 15 IT Outsourcing Vendors


META Group released the results of its “METAspectrum Evaluation,” which ranks top IT outsourcing vendors into three categories: Leader, Challenger, and Follower. Currently, META identifies four companies as leaders: IBM Global Services is number one in terms of performance and presence. It\’s closely followed by EDS, then CSC and Accenture. SAIC straddles the Leader and Challenger segments. META lists 10 companies as Challengers: ACS, Unisys, Wipro, Infosys, TCS, Perot Systems, HP and CGI, Siemens Business Services and Keane. Presumably, everybody else falls into the Follower category, since META doesn\’t specify them specifically.

Two years no India-based companies showed up in the top two tiers of vendors. Now three are among its ranks, each generating more than a billion dollars in revenue.

The bottom line: If you\’re concerned about the staying power of your service provider, choose among these organizations, since they\’ll be around in one form or another for the next three to five years.