What The Bush Re-election Heralds for Offshoring


I monitor what news media are saying overall on outsourcing trends, which encompasses reading some coverage of White House administration maneuvers (not, I\’ll state outright, something I enjoy doing…). So I was struck this morning by contrasting articles regarding President Bush\’s re-election.

First this, in the Gulf Daily News, taglined, “The voice of Bahrain”:

India\’s outsourcing industry is looking forward to George W Bush\’s second term as US president, expecting policies that will favour outsourcing and reduce restrictions on visas for professional workers.

“We are excited about the continuity,” said Raman Roy, head of Wipro Spectramind, an outsourcing company…

Then this on ABS-CBN Interactive, a site for “Global Filipinos!”:

The Bush administration is bent on pushing tax incentives for private companies in the US to prevent them from resorting to outsourcing in countries like the Philippines and India, it was learned Friday.

American lecturer Jamie Chandler of the City University of New York said that Bush’s priorities during his second term include pushing the US Congress to legislate tax incentives for companies that provide jobs locally…

No wonder I go around confused much of the time.