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Volunteer position

Job Description:

Would you like to see your words of wisdom published via the Sourcingmag Blogosphere? We are currently looking for highly motivated outsourcing practitioners to join our team as contributing bloggers. IT, finance, HR and call center professionals with practical experience with outsourcing will be considered. If you’re a consultant or work for a service provider, we’re interested in hearing from you too.

Ideally, you will write around a central theme you feel passionate about. Take some aspect of outsourcing that you are keenly interested in and expand on it: relate stories, explain concepts, share epiphanies. Think of the blog as your personal “column” promoted on the website. That\’s an audience of thousands of targeted readers every month!

Consider your blog a sounding board for new ideas and a soapbox for viewpoints. Please read some of the current Sourcingmag Blogosphere posts to become familiar with the content.

Peer recognition is one of the greatest benefits of blogging with Get recognized as a thought leader in the sourcing community.

If you are interested, please send the following via email to editor (at) Put “I want to blog” in the subject line.

  1. Job experience (a brief rundown on companies and roles or, if it’s easier, your current resume).
  2. Why you are interested in blogging.
  3. A sample blog entry. Have some fun! Be outrageous. Share your wildest idea! It doesn’t have to be lengthy. But it should be long enough to give us a taste of your wit, wackiness, insight and attitude.

Want to blog anonymously? If your current organization would be shocked — shocked! — at what you have to say about outsourcing, we’d be interested in having you become a Mystery Blogger.

Please note: Becoming a Sourcingmag blogger does not mean that you can blatantly promote your company’s products and services; just the opposite, in fact. Bloggers are held to a higher standard and must remain neutral online.

We look forward to hearing from you! editor (at)