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Readers’ Choice: Top 25 Rated Articles
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1Inside a Service Provider: Freeborders Shares Its China Growth Plans4.978,286
2Agile Outsourcing: The Power of Contextual Enquiry4.756,424
3Designing Your Organization for BPO and Shared Services4.725,355
44 Steps to Secure IT Outsourcing4.717,432
5Tools for Outsourcing Management and Governance4.693,212
6How a Giant Utility Is Transforming Itself with Outsourcing4.676,478
79 Tips for Outsourcing Securely4.634,124
8Change Management for Shared Services and BPO, Part 14.639,293
9Managing Risk: Evaluating Proposals and Providers4.638,061
10Research: Trends in Data Center Outsourcing4.627,815
11Outsourcing, a Comedy in Four Acts4.617,285
12Hybrid Model: Domestic Management and Offshore Operations4.606,250
13This Expert Explains How To Work with China4.605,981
14Building a Business Where Customers Matter4.597,394
159 Tips about Outsourcing Your Software Testing4.568,390
16True-Life Tales: Outsourcing Problems4.537,513
17Inside a Small Title Company’s IT Outsourcing Success4.504,309
18Insourcing Secrets: Selling Internal Services Outside4.504,398
19Should You Outsource a Mess?4.504,328
20Call Center ECA’s IT Infrastructure4.506,356
21Agile Outsourcing: How Agile Methodologies Help Software Development Outsourcing4.508,893
22Leveraging Lean Six Sigma in Business Process Outsourcing4.502,016
23Managing Risk: Covering Disputes in the Contract4.504,970
24Beyond the Template: Writing an RFP That Works4.482,102
25Managing Risk in Outsourcing: A Guide To Setting SLAs4.471,726