Could the 24-hour Workday Be a Myth?


    Mitch Betts shares some interesting links in a blog posting about the hard edges of the 24-hour workday. “24/7 global application development? Sounds good, doesn't work.”He quotes from a new book about offshoring on the fact that:

    In Israel, the weekend is Friday and Saturday. For Americans working with Israeli partners, the Israeli weekend creates a long "blackout period." The Israelis have essentially left for the weekend when the Americans come to work on Thursday morning. The reverse happens with the Israelis, who work for much of the first two days of the week without being able to contact their American colleagues.

    In Offshoring Information Technology authors Erran Carmel and Paul Tija state that there are only 50 regular working days in common around the world in any given year that don't overlap national holidays or customary vacation periods.

    That could make scheduling those all-hands meetings between client teams and service provider people truly challenging.


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