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A Primer on Outsourcing Negotiation

Make an effort to identify with the party with whom you will be negotiating beyond the terms and conditions in the agreement; it definitely makes a difference.
Outsourcing Sales Cycle

The Influence of Procurement Organizations in the Outsourcing Sales Cycle

When you are developing outsourcing account plans and strategy, remember that procurement can be your friend and engage them accordingly.

The Importance of Relationships When Selling Outsourcing Services

Before we can put our best foot forward with regard to governing terms and conditions, we need to be mindful of how outsourcing services are really sold and the importance of relationships in the sales process.

Outsourcing Secret Weapon: Ultra-orthodox Jewish Women

This outsourcing company builds IT centers in specific neighborhoods in Israel filled with ultra-orthodox Jewish women, who often find traditional jobs outside the home difficult or impossible. Clients enjoy lower labor rates and high retention and workers gain valuable experience.

Agile Outsourcing: 9 Skills for Managing Projects

In many software development efforts, project management becomes an exercise in tracking the efficiency, rather than the effectiveness of the project management effort. And that can lead to failure. Do you have these nine project management skills?

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