About Sourcingmag.com – Mission, Philosophy and History

Sourcingmag.com is the world’s leading online content provider for the outsourcing/offshoring/shared services community. Since 2004, Sourcingmag.com has provided the most comprehensive and essential resources available anywhere to businesses at every stage of their sourcing maturity and to professionals at every skill level. Thousands of monthly online readers learn new skills, advance their careers and contribute to the success of their organizations through a wide range of articles, tools, events and practitioner forums.

About Sourcingmag.com
The mission of Sourcingmag.com is to provide a free and practical information resource to help business professionals successfully implement sourcing — outsourcing, offshoring and shared services — within their organizations.

Sourcingmag.com focuses on three primary areas: credible information, community, and supplemental services. We strive to create an environment that fosters open business-to-business communication, support between professionals and commerce between businesses. The resources available at Sourcingmag.com will help your business understand and implement sourcing.

We are dedicated to assisting with your successful sourcing implementation. As serious as we are about improving your outsourcing experience, we also think that sourcing information can and should be engaging, exciting and entertaining.

Sourcingmag.com Philosophy
Sourcingmag.com is built on a foundation of honest and open communication between all of our participants. Our daily operations and guidelines for development are based on three basic values:

  • We believe the best information can be found on an open platform. For this reason, Sourcingmag.com does not charge for information or resources.
  • We believe that if businesses actively share information, ideas and experiences, business professionals, such as yourself.
  • We recognize and respect the value that a qualified outsourcing consultant can provide during implementation. We also recognize that there are many choices when it comes to consultant services and we believe businesses should be informed of all possibilities from an unbiased source.

Sourcingmag.com is committed to these values and requests that site participants honor these values as well. Everyone benefits.

Sourcingmag.com History
Envisioned and implemented in 2004, Sourcingmag.com was created to meet the needs of business professionals around the world who want to maintain up-to-the-minute knowledge of news, jobs, methodologies, tools and best practices. Sourcingmag.com is an independent company, privately owned, funded and operated.

We have developed this site to offer comprehensive information, unique tools, checklists, in-depth editorial and personalized advice to help sourcing professionals implement outsourcing, offshoring and shared services quickly and successfully within their organizations.


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