About Blogger: Vinod Kumar


    I am a recent MBA graduate, originally from India, currently in Cambridge MA, having close to 8 years of experience in different models/sectors of IT outsourcing. By models, I mean, captive, third party, and joint venture. By sectors, I mean, application development & maintenance, customer support and data center services.

    I have been a close follower of Sourcingmag for 6 months now. I have really learned loads of stuff from the people who have shared their comments here. I will try to contribute in a way such that the quality of content is maintained. My view on outsourcing is highly academic, due to the fact that I recently completed an independant research on outsourcing process models, as a part of my b-school program. I have observed that most of the content shared in this forum is a reflection of real experience of individuals. I will try to contribute on the academic front, talking about processes, frameworks, and tools.

    I am eagerly looking forward to sharing my thoughts with you all.

    — Vinod


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