Pharmaceutical industry outsourcing R&D


In September 2004, Cambridge Healthtech Advisors (CHA) published a report ($3,750 or $4,750 depending on delivery format), "Successful Outsourcing of Pharmaceutical R&D: Trends and Strategies." The in-Pharma Technologist site, which summarized the report in an October 2004 article,, cited it as saying (among other things) that "More than half of pharmaceuticals outsourced at least 20 per cent of their ADMET (absorption, distribution, metabolism, excretion and toxicology) studies in 2003…"

The growing trend towards outsourcing R&D must be causing consternation among city fathers – San Diego, Boston, and Seattle, for example -in North America and Europe who are striving to brand their cities as "the" Silicon Valley of biotech.

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