A Better Model? Transform-Operate-Transfer


    The Deloitte-Touche document is an excellent paper. I have to admit that I expected it to be a glorified advertisement for Deloitte services, but there's a lot of meat there. When the study suggested that outsourcing seems to be losing luster for large corporations who might replace outsourcing to a "Transform-Operate-Transfer" model, I wondered what they were talking about. Had TOT become some hot trend I'd missed? The answer is that TOT is one of what Deloitte categorizes as five outsourcing models: 1) Centralize-Standardize-Outsource, 2) TOT, 3) Commodities Outsourcing, 4) Risk Transfer ("Insurance") and 5) Shifting Fixed Costs to Variable Costs.

    The study was conducted by three "core study" Deloitte Consulting members, with input from eight other Deloitters and two academics. 25 large organizations participated in the study.

    Deloitte Consulting LLP is a subsidiary of Deloitte USA and provided about 30% of Deloitte USA's 2004 revenues. Deloitte Consulting's Outsourcing practice offers application outsourcing, BPM outsourcing, and advisory services.

    They've got a Webcast scheduled for May 11 that you can register for at http://www.deloitte.com/dtt/section_node/0,2332,sid%253D26568,00.html.


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