The Power of Building Trust


    Louis Columbus, a columnist for CRM Buyer, turns his attention to the issue of trust. In “Outsourcing’s Double-Edged Sword: Trust,” Mr. Columbus points out that many public companies have turned to outsourcing to remove the pain involved in complying with Sarbanes-Oxley, which is a trust issue. On the other hand, he writes, many of the largest service providers — at least those headquartered in India — aren’t doing enough to ensure the security of the data that streams through their client work. And that is a trust issue as well.

    Yes, offshore vendors have got it figured out that individual employees shouldn’t be allowed to bring handbags into their cubicles. But what have they done to educate their clients about the issues of data privacy and how it should be managed both internally and at the provider side?

    Now, that’s the kind of transformation work that could really help Indian companies get a hand in the client executive circle right now.


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