Outsourcing Supply Chain


    A brief article in Logistics Today cites a recent study conducted by Capgemini, Georgia Southern University, and the University of Tennessee lamenting the pace of supply chain outsourcing. According to the survey, less than 10 percent of the companies have automated full collaboration. http://www.logisticstoday.com/displayStory.asp?nID=7589

    Sourcingmag has several dozen articles, case studies, and blog entries that talk about supply chain outsourcing, so you may want to read/re-read some of them. (Enter "supply chain" in the Search box). In one excellent interview with BlueCanopy's Binod Taterway, http://www.sourcingmag.com/home/home.aspx?i=02_12/5/2005_cn_533_5_00_00, for example, Taterway pointed out the differences among "classic" manufacturing supply chains and those required by retail and services.

    I'm not sure that simple observation has sunk in – that not all types of supply chains are created equal. Think about yours. Are you doing all you can? Is the notion of outsourcing help with supply chain issues too risky for your organization or clients?


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