An Outsourcing Survey Asks, "What Do You Know It As?"


    ESI Internatinal, which does training on project and contract management, is hosting an interesting survey about outsourcing that tries to drill down a bit on the scope of outsourcing projects, the methodology and the terminology that's used to describe those efforts.

    Here are the factors they target in the survey to determine why an outsourcing initiative succeeds or fails:

    • Proper number of internal staff
    • Adequate planning
    • Clear requirements
    • Heroic efforts
    • Risk management
    • Proper internal skills
    • Implementation management
    • Good vendor selection
    • Clear scope of work
    • Change management
    • Other

    I'd say one factor left out of the list is executive whimsy.

    If you're an opinionated sort, take the survey here. You'll be invited to receive a copy of the report once it's been written up.


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