Outsourcing Conference Attracts Global Crowd to Arabian Gulf


    The World Outsourcing Forum Dubai, UAI event is taking place in a few weeks (September 27-28, 2005). This one looks like a truly international affair, with speakers from Portugal, Romania, Bularia, Sri Lanka, Jordan, Malta, Pakistan, India, Russia, the UK, the US — though, interestingly, not China.

    You can read the program here, which provides sessions like you’d expect (“Using IT to deliver Strategic Value” and “Business Process Management and considerations when thinking about BPO”) and some you could probably only find in that part of the world (“IT Outsourcing Threats and Benefits; Practices in oil companies” and “CASE STUDY: Docklands & Copenhagen Light Railway and Dubai's transport future.”)

    This one is $1,200 per delegate for a two-day event, which is jammed from morning to night with sessions (no breakouts, which means you'll really get to know your neighbors in the seats around you). Rooms at the preferred hotels run between $400 and $500.

    Personally, I’m holding out for the New York event, which is a tad closer to home and takes place in October, but which will be just as lively, I’m sure.