Download Your Own Copy of the Map


    My March 5, 2005, issue of of CIO Insight is dog-eared. Not only do I find myself going back to it, over and over, but I've even loaned it out to colleagues and clients – something I'm normally loathe to do. You can browse the table of contents and read it for yourself at,1542,i=1703,00.asp

    One of the most interesting "articles" is the two-page map on current and future (ten years hence) outsourcing hotspots. The current top three: India, China, and Costa Rica. A decade on, China, India, and the US are likely to be the new top three. The map and accompanying narrative are based on a longer 48-page report prepared by Mark D. Minevich and Frank-Jürgen Richter.

    You'll have to register to view/download the PDF and/or full report, but I think you'll find it worth your while.,1540,1776816,00.asp


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