Internet hinders more than helps SMEs


    In a recent article from vnunet the author talks about the issues many small companies feel when it come to the internet. They have to be using it or will fall behind the competition as customers are increasingly savvy and have the skills to quickly shop around.


    The article then goes on to mention that many SMEs use the internet to outsource and often want greater networking and LAN facilities. Pipex is launching a SME business information portal to work with SMEs to enhance their ability to find information related to them.


    The trend of tailoring services and features to a large and predominantly untapped SME market is sure to continue. The Internet is ubiquitous and every company, large or small, needs to understand and function competitively in this environment. Websites can make a small company appear big being a driving factor behind growth. Outsourcing is now being seen by small companies as a mechanism of growth, providing much needed scale to a small company.


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